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Looking for inspiration for your team’s work-from-anywhere setup? Want to learn more about the latest remote working trends? Or need new ideas on how to keep your team productive? Browse our range of inspirational articles helping to support you wherever work happens.

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How to Integrate Ergonomics Into Workplace Design

Factoring ergonomics into your workplace design not only boosts employee wellbeing, but can also give your business a financial edge.Read More
8 shortcuts for a more productive mobile office

Remote Working

Productivity Tips For Wherever You Work

It’s a fact: the traditional workplace landscape has changed forever. And the kit you need to create a more productive work life has changed with it.Read More
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The Best EOFY Tech Upgrades for Your Business

This EOFY, prepare for tax time by upgrading your business technology to improve efficiency and productivity.Read More
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What’s Next? The Future of Work in Australia

Retain top talent in 2022 by devising a hybrid work model that offers greater flexibility and focuses on staff wellbeing.Read More
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Elevating Worker Wellbeing: A Practical Guide for Employers

Meaningful workplace wellbeing programs can protect your staff, as well as your bottom line. But what exactly does a good employee wellbeing program look like?Read More
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8 Ways to Get Your Workforce Moving

Workplace wellbeing has been challenged by hybrid working. Here’s how to ensure wellness in the workplace, whether that’s at home, in the office or anywhere.Read More
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Remote Working

Meet Every Deadline, Every Time

Deadlines are a crucial part of work life; learn how to better manage them.Read More
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Remote Working

Double Your Productivity

Increase productivity by using the method that suits you best: Sprints, Pomodoro, Rule of 5, SMART, Personal Kanban, Don’t Break the Chain or Inbox Zero.Read More

Tech and Tools Your Workforce Needs in 2022

The must-have tech, best tools and latest trends that will take your ‘work from anywhere’ workforce to the next level.Read More
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8 Business Trends to Watch for in the New Financial Year

From hybrid working and advanced automation to brand connection and outsourcing, here are the business trends for the new financial year.Read More
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Remote Working

How to Improve Posture at Home and in the Office

Working from home without the proper home office ergonomics can impact our health. Follow our expert guide to improve your posture at home and at the office, too.Read More

Beating Burnout: How Employers Can Support Staff

Thanks to the rise of hybrid working and a skills shortage, a talent war is upon us. Discover the recruitment tips your business needs and how Flexiworks can help attract and retain talent.Read More

Clan Culture in the Workplace

In this expert guide, discover what clan culture is, the advantages of this style of company culture and how to integrate it into your corporate environment.Read More
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The Demand for Soft Skills in the Workplace

Hybrid working has driven a demand for soft skills in the workplace, including effective communication, critical thinking and problem solving.Read More
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Top 5 Home Office Trends to Try Right Now

Explore the latest looks (and how Flexiworks can help you achieve them).Read More
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How Portable Encourages Wellness in the Workplace

Workplace wellness is key for happy, productive staff. Here’s how Melbourne-based company Portable gets it right. Read More
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Remote Working

7 Filing Hacks That Will Change the Way You Work

Don’t drown in a sea of paperwork. Employ these handy and creative organisation tips, and discover filing hacks that really work.Read More
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How to Set and Communicate a Work-From-Anywhere Policy

Work from anywhere is the latest instalment in workplace flexibility. Discover how to create a company-wide WFA policy and what your employees need to know.Read More
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How to Nurture Career Growth While Working From Anywhere

Expert advice on planning your career path and development while working remotely. Meeting deadlines at work doesn’t have to be painful. There are some easy ways to improve your time-management skills and your ability to meet deadlines.Read More
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The 4 Types of Workplace Culture, Explained

A tool that measures the values, expectations and leadership styles of different workplace cultures can help leaders enact positive cultural change.Read More